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Meet Maison: The Freckle Collection

Meet Maison: The Freckle Collection

We may be the new kids on the block, but were rocking up in style! Watch this space as we introduce our unique collections, one by one. (Dont you love the suspense?)

A face without freckles is like a sky without stars. Freckle, scar or birthmark, these imperfections are the unique features that make you, you (Yes, we’re talking about that little freckle on your nose!)

Much like the ethereal beauty of a freckle on the skin, the specked ceramics in this collection will add a unique personality to your home. Light, subdued & understated, a candle or diffuser from the Freckle Collection will surprise you with its ever so luminous light & design which stands out from the crowd.



Infact, we wouldn’t recommend a more suited collection for Spring. Perfect to complement some freshly picked flowers (go on, pick some from the neighbours garden, we won’t tell!) or as the centre piece on living room table, a little extra oomph is totally necessary as the weather brightens up!

The sun is coming out, and so are those delightful little freckles – let’s celebrate Spring in style!