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Our Life Long Vessels

Our Life Long Vessels

The power of scent is limitless. With the simple spark of a perfect scent, a house can be turned into a home, where special moments are created & memories are reflected on. These moments & memories have no limit or expiry date, so why should your vessel?

Our life long vessel’s promise is to stick by your side through thick and thin. They’re environmentally friendly and fit for reuse, so you never have to dispose of your favourite vessel again!

The tedious and messy process of cleaning old wax from your much loved vessel is now a thing of the past. Thanks to our simple refill system you can prolong your Scent Maison experience until, well, forever.

Here's how it goes: Once you've finished burning your candle, slide your old refill out and place in your brand new one and voilà! you're ready to start burning again - it's that easy!

Want to try something different? We have 12 delectable fragrances to choose from including Velvety VanillaElectric Pear Fig and Lush Magnolia (to name a few) ~ it's getting hot in here!

Hop onto the Scent Maison Shop and explore our range of refills, available for both candles & diffusers.