Reed Gift Fairs Sydney September 2017 – scentmaison


Reed Gift Fairs Sydney September 2017

Reed Gift Fairs Sydney September 2017

We can't begin to explain how much fun we had at the Reeds September Show. Considering Scent Maison had just launched a couple of months before, we were absolutely thrilled with the response and positive feedback.

It was a labour of love; the sleepless nights, the deadlines, the running around like headless geese... in the end though, it was totally worth it. 

Our overall stand, complete with Scent Maison Neon Light

The products were positively illuminescent, the furniture assemblage didn't hassle us too much and the brand spanking new backdrop turned out beautifully. Not to mention the abundance of fragrance that would hit you in the face as you walked past our stand.. we're not going to lie, people loved it. 

To top it all off, we received the prize for 'Best Abode Stand'. We could not contain our excitement when the event organisers had informed us. Thank you Reeds for this fantastic award. Can't wait for you to see what's in store for February 2018! Love M xx

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Featured: Lucid Dream Electric Pear Fig, Opulence Boston and Rose & Sandalwood