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Scent Maison & The Golden Ratio

Scent Maison & The Golden Ratio

Notice something different about our vessels?

Designed by two Sydney architects, our candle follows a principle from back in time. (Before almond milk was trendy & iphones were mandatory)

‘The Golden Ratio’ refers to how creativity in design can blossom a sense of harmony and a uniting proportion, much like a home.

A round archway shaped top, embodied through multiple layers within its structure, every piece of Scent Maison décor offers an inviting & appealing look and feel. It’s unlike any other piece of décor you’ve seen before.

"But hey, the golden ratio sounds & looks familiar’’ we hear you say.  And yep, you’re right! From Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, to the universally recognized Pepsi logo, the Golden Ratio is here, there & everywhere, and can now offer it’s warming sense of harmony inside your home.

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